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Film Platoon

Entdecken Sie hier reduzierte Filme und Serien auf DVD oder Blu-ray. Kunden, die diesen Artikel angesehen haben, haben auch angesehen. Platoon. Aus Chris Taylor ist vom College weg freiwillig nach Vietnam gegangen. In seinem jugendlichen Idealismus findet er. ist ein Kriegsfilm des Regisseurs Oliver Stone aus dem Jahr Er zeigt die Auswüchse des Vietnamkrieges und seine Wirkung auf Infanteriesoldaten.

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Platoon. ()1 Std. 54 MinX-Ray Der schonungslos ehrliche Antikriegsfilm von Oscar-Preisträger Oliver Stone zeigt auf schockierende Weise, was. Platoon. USA, FilmKriegsfilm / Antikriegsfilm. Der erste große Vietnamfilm, der von einem ehemaligen Kriegsteilnehmer gedreht wurde. ist ein Kriegsfilm des Regisseurs Oliver Stone aus dem Jahr Er zeigt die Auswüchse des Vietnamkrieges und seine Wirkung auf Infanteriesoldaten.

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Platoon streaming vf. [Drama] - [War] - [Action] -. [ ] As a young and naive recruit in Vietnam, Chris Taylor faces a moral crisis when confronted with the horrors of war and the duality of man. Filmul reda povestea unui grup de soldati americani in timp ce patruleaza, lupta si isi pierd viata in razboiul din Vietnam, totul prin ochii unui tanar recrut. „Platoon“ este primul din cele 3 filme regizate de Oliver Stone despre razboiul din Vietnam. Inainte de filmari, toti actorii au trebuit sa reziste unui stagiu de 13 zile de pregatire intensiva. Filmul a beneficiat de 8 /10().
Film Platoon These would be the final photographs of Lennon alive. What Logo Panda today is just the beginning. Chris Taylor: Believe that? Out here, assholes, you keep your shit wired tight at all times! Movie Info. Chris waves goodbye to the remaining troops as helicopters carry him and Francis away along Bet.De other wounded soldiers. Este un film foarte dur si emotionant, ce descrie traiul terifiant al unui pluton de soldati americani in timpul razboiului din Vietnam, care ii marcheaza pe Film Platoon, realizat din perspectiva unui tanar recrut, care invata sa lupte, se maturizeaza rapid si fortat in jungla Mekongului. Roma Creative Contest. Jade Dynasty Forum pe 17 Decembrie Bei der Durchsuchung des Lagers werden zwei Soldaten durch eine Sprengfalle getötet. Premio Oscar al film e a Stone. Kurz danach treffen Verstärkungen ein. Nota Game Of Thrones Png 8. Archivio Aperto. Durante un'azione di guerra Isa Vegas, scampato ai vietcong, che hanno decimato il suo plotone, si trova faccia a faccia con Barnes e lo uccide. Ambientato durante il periodo della guerra nel Vietnam, "Platoon" include un elenco di grandi attori che ci coinvolgono nel dolore e nella disperazione del conflitto, con delle performance sensazionali. Platoon (3,) IMDb 1h 59min X-Ray R The film probes the psyche of the young soldiers who fought in Vietnam. Their camaraderie, their struggle for survival amid terrifying violence and madness of combat. Platoon movie free online Platoon free online. videocamTrailer. You May Also Like. N/A. play_arrow. Platoon Leader. N/A. Watch Platoon full HD on Storyline Charlie Sheen narrates, as cast and crew share their personal experiences making the Academy Award winning film, Platoon. This non-union, low budget, independent film was cast almost exclusively with young, unknown actors making their first film. Informed by director Oliver Stone's personal experiences in Vietnam, Platoon forgoes easy sermonizing in favor of a harrowing, ground-level view of war, bolstered by no-holds-barred performances. Platoon was the first Hollywood film to be written and directed by a veteran of the Vietnam War. Upon its release, Platoon received critical acclaim for Stone's directing and screenplay, the cinematography, battle sequences' realism, and the performances of Dafoe and Berenger. The film was a box office success upon its release, grossing $ Robert Richardson. Schon bald stellt der naive Collegeabbrecher fest, dass sich das Soldatenleben anders Online Spiele Mmorpg Deutsch, als er es sich vorgestellt hat. Ich glaube, dass der Film ein amerikanischer Klassiker wird. Weitere Film-News.

Platoon streaming vf [Drame] - [Guerre] - [Action] - [ 7. Tom Brown. Mark Johnson. Steven Smith. Personajul principal si unul dintre cei doi sergenti veterani au mari probleme de constiinta cand celalalt sergent masacreaza sateni vietnamezi.

De aici se trage forta psihologica si de captare a interesului spectatorului a acestei drame devenita de referinta. Nominalizarile la Oscar ca si premiile Oscar castigate nu fac decat sa confirme valoarea perena a acestei pelicule.

Pacat ca lumea nu prea a auzit de el,un film absolut exceptional,deci frate am ramas masca la el,desi personal am ramas impresionat de Charlie Sheen si Willem Dafoe are un rol bun.

Coloana sonora este dementiala! Sa stii ca totusi lumea a auzit de el, mai ales cei trecuti de de ani , si asta pt.

Celor mai tineri nu prea le intra in cap ca si "pe vremuri ' se faceau filme mari. Moise Mihai pe 20 Octombrie Hollywood-ul are cativa regizori carora ar trebui sa le ridice statui!

Daca la "Nascuti asasini" am strambat din nas si nimeni nu a reusit sa-mi schimbe parerea,daca,dupa vizionarea "Wall Street"-ului,am avut impresia ca Stone ar fi putut cu putina inspiratie,sa se ridice dincolo de cliseele productiilor americane,in fata "Plutonului" m-am desoperit si m-am lasat executat Este unul din putinele filme cu si despre razboi care au reusit sa ma impresioneze dintr-un singur motiv:nici un moment n-am avut senzatia ca actele violente preced actelor volitionale.

Am fost socat sa descopar sunt totusi o victima a intoxicarii propagate de productiile hollywood-iene o realitate terifianta:soldati americani ucigand cu sange rece,deci deliberat,alti soldati americani Un gust amar de migdale amare Everything Coming to Netflix in November Orion Pictures.

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Top Rated Movies Won 4 Oscars. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Keith David King Forest Whitaker Big Harold Francesco Quinn Rhah Kevin Dillon Bunny John C.

O'Neill Reggie Johnson Junior Mark Moses That night, a major NVA assault occurs , and the defensive lines are broken. Most of the platoon, including Wolfe and most of Barnes' followers, are killed in the ensuing battle.

O'Neill, known for shirking duties and being one of Barnes' lackeys, hides under a dead soldier to avoid being seen. Chris, along with Francis, finds his courage and counterattacks, killing many of the invading NVA.

Chris even leaves the fighting hole to pursue the enemy. During the attack, an NVA sapper , armed with explosives, destroys the battalion headquarters in a suicide attack.

Now in command of the defense, Captain Harris orders his air support to expend all their remaining ordnance inside his perimeter. During the chaos, Chris encounters Barnes, who is wounded and driven to insanity.

Just as Barnes is about to kill Chris, both men are knocked unconscious by the air strike. Chris regains consciousness the following morning, picks up an enemy rifle, and finds Barnes, who orders him to call a medic.

Seeing that Chris will not help, Barnes contemptuously orders Chris to kill him; Chris does so. Francis, who survived the battle unharmed, deliberately stabs himself in the leg and reminds Chris that because they have been twice wounded, they can return home.

Chris waves goodbye to the remaining troops as helicopters carry him and Francis away along with other wounded soldiers.

Overwhelmed, Chris sobs as he glares down at craters full of corpses. In a voice-over, he says that although the war is now over for him, it will remain with him for the rest of his life.

After his tour of duty in the Vietnam War ended in , Oliver Stone wrote a screenplay called Break, a semi-autobiographical account detailing his experiences with his parents and his time in the Vietnam War.

Stone's active duty service resulted in a "big change" in how he viewed life and the war. Although the screenplay Break was never produced, he later used it as the basis for Platoon.

Break featured several characters who were the seeds of those he developed in Platoon. The script was set to music from The Doors ; Stone sent the script to Jim Morrison in the hope he would play the lead.

Morrison never responded, but his manager returned the script to Stone shortly after Morrison's death; Morrison had the script with him when he died in Paris.

Although Break was never produced, Stone decided to attend film school. After writing several other screenplays in the early s, Stone worked with Robert Bolt on the screenplay, The Cover-up it was not produced.

Bolt's rigorous approach rubbed off on Stone. The younger man used his characters from the Break screenplay and developed a new screenplay, which he titled Platoon.

Producer Martin Bregman attempted to elicit studio interest in the project, but was not successful. Stone claims that during that time, Sidney Lumet was to have helmed the film with Al Pacino slated to star had there been studio interest.

The film was a critical and commercial success, as were some other Stone films at the time, but most studios were still reluctant to finance The Platoon, because it was about the unpopular Vietnam War.

After the release of The Deer Hunter and Apocalypse Now , the studios then cited the perception that these films were considered the pinnacle of the Vietnam War film genre as reasons not to make Platoon.

Stone responded by attempting to break into mainstream direction via the easier-to-finance horror genre, but The Hand failed at the box office, and he began to think The Platoon would never be made.

According to Stone, Cimino attempted to produce The Platoon in McGinley , David Neidorf. Genere Drammatico - USA , , durata minuti.

Oliver Stone, il regista, racconta la sua reale esperienza in Vietnam, l'abbruttimento disumano dei combattenti. Settembre , la compagnia Bravo 2 americana agisce in Vietnam vicino al confine con la Cambogia.

Partendo dalla propria esperienza di volontario nel conflitto, Oliver Stone firma il suo quarto lungometraggio, sull'abbrutimento dei militari mandati a combattere.

La vicenda di una giovane leva, che come prima cosa appena sbarcato all'aeroporto vede i sacchi con i cadaveri in partenza.

Per questo gli riesce naturale ammirare il coraggioso e integro Elias contro lo spietato e spiccio Barnes. E il nemico era dentro di noi".

Stone immerge la macchina da presa dentro il plotone, fa sentire la guerra dall'interno, guarda raramente l'insieme, piuttosto come ci si sente a stare nel fango, nel buio, tra gli alberi, magari sotto il tiro del nemico o degli stessi compagni d'armi.

Altro punto di forza della pellicola il gruppo di attori carismatici, dal protagonista Charlie Sheen ai due coprotagonisti Tom Berenger e Willem Dafoe, ai giovani Johnny Depp e Forest Whitaker in ruoli secondari.

Platoon ricevette quattro premi Oscar, compresi miglior film e miglior regista. Durante un'azione di guerra Chris, scampato ai vietcong, che hanno decimato il suo plotone, si trova faccia a faccia con Barnes e lo uccide.

Premio Oscar al film e a Stone. Nel conflitto tra due sergenti, il killer Barnes e il ragionante Elias, padri spirituali e modelli del giovane Chris, volontario in Vietnam, due Americhe sono a confronto.

Chris diventa giustiziere dell'una in nome dell'altra. Stone ha fatto di meglio. Rispetto al secondo dura meno ed non ha le stesse ambizioni [ Film epocale sulla guerra in Vietnam..

Che dire? IL duo Berenger serg. Fin dalle prime battute il film,diretto magistralmente da Oliver Stone,appare come un ritratto spietato di quella che fu realmente,senza stereotipi,la guerra del Vietnam:una carneficina priva di senso.

Vietnam Elias erscheint mit seinen Männern und beendet das Verhör, worauf es zwischen Elias und Barnes zu einer Prügelei kommt.

Der Lieutenant teilt mit, dass der Captain befohlen habe, die Waffen zu vernichten und das Dorf einzuäschern.

Taylor stoppt die Vergewaltigung eines jungen Mädchens durch seine Kameraden. Die als Vietcong verdächtigten Personen werden abgeführt und der Rest der Dorfbewohner evakuiert.

Harris kann Barnes wegen Personalmangels jedoch für die Dauer der Untersuchung nicht freistellen. Nun ist das Platoon endgültig gespalten, eine Hälfte hält zu Barnes, die andere zu Elias.

Das Platoon wird am folgenden Tag erneut auf Kampfpatrouille geschickt und gerät in ein schweres Feuergefecht. Beim Angriff durch die Vietnamesische Volksarmee setzt sich Elias mit Taylor und zwei weiteren Soldaten an die linke Flanke ab, um dort das Eintreffen des 3.

Platoons zu sichern. Elias postiert die drei Männer an einer taktisch wichtigen Stelle, er selbst legt seine Ausrüstung und Splitterschutzweste ab, um schneller hinter den feindlichen Linien operieren zu können.

Taylor und seinen Kameraden gelingt es, ein Einfallen der Vietnamesen auf der linken Flanke zu verhindern. Elias tötet im Nahkampf mehrere Vietcong.

Barnes gibt den Befehl zum Rückzug und gibt an, selbst nach Elias zu suchen. Gegenüber Taylor, der Barnes gefolgt war, behauptet Barnes, Elias sei von Vietnamesen erschossen worden und tot.

Daraufhin sammeln sich die Überlebenden und werden mit Hubschraubern ausgeflogen. Obwohl sie sofort mehrere feindliche Soldaten ausschalten, können sie nicht verhindern, dass Elias kurz darauf erneut getroffen wird und zusammenbricht.

Er wird seinem Schicksal überlassen.

ist ein Kriegsfilm des Regisseurs Oliver Stone aus dem Jahr Er zeigt die Auswüchse des Vietnamkrieges und seine Wirkung auf Infanteriesoldaten. Platoon ist ein Kriegsfilm des Regisseurs Oliver Stone aus dem Jahr Er zeigt die Auswüchse des Vietnamkrieges und seine Wirkung auf. Aufgrund einer Unachtsamkeit des Neulings Junior gelingt es den feindlichen Truppen, Taylors Platoon anzugreifen und mehrere Soldaten zu töten. Nachdem​. In welchem Film war der Autor dieser Zeilen? Das Lexikon des internationalen Films sieht in „Platoon“ eine Heroisierung der gefallenen Opfer“ (freilich nur der.
Film Platoon

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Der sehr erfolg- und einflussreiche Film versucht, Kritik an der amerikanischen Kriegspolitik mit einer Heroisierung der gefallenen Opfer freilich nur der amerikanischen!
Film Platoon
Film Platoon

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Für Taylor ist der Krieg nun vorbei.
Film Platoon


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